About Me

You really want to know more about me? OH! I feel so special /sarcasm.

But srsly. Hi.

I’m Athena Hollow. I was in the alt-porn/alt-erotica industry via the net from  2003-2015. I dropped out in the middle for 2 years because of several factors (drama being the front runner as well as staying out for a while due to bringing a child into a world that doesn’t have save locations), and have since retired, having gone on to different pastures such as game development :)

I got my start on NaughtyGoth.com, and went from there to Eroticbpm.com and Spiceplay.com, further venturing into CityKittie land. I was featured on BarelyEvil, EBPM,  as well as Pixel Vixens (I made that one). Then there were my own sites, GeekGirlsOnline.com and MissAthenaHollow.com.


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